Close to Nature

ハチミツは体力回復、咳止めに効果があるといわれ、甘味料だけでなく滋養強壮保健薬として古くから健康を助ける「生薬」として扱われています。SustainaBee Honeyは自然を尊重する養蜂家により生産された添加物を一切加えない100%国産完熟ハチミツです。

Honey is said to be effective in restoring strength and relieving coughs, and has long been treated as an “herbal medicine”.This honey is 100% pure Japanese natural honey without any additive.


The production process is also unique. Because the honey is collected at the same time of year in the same bee yard, it is the only one honey that reflects the surrounding natural environment and the season. We use DNA analysis to reveal this unique individuality.

Message from SustainaBee Honey



With enjoying honey, we want to share many organism lives with us and the importance of relationsips between organisms.

To maintain the richness of nature



After enjoying a variety of honeys, let’s go outside to find out how insects and plants are related!